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Walking along the waterways is always a pleasure, especially now that the weather has warmed up and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom. Even on an overcast day, the paths along the waterways make for pleasant strolls.

Canal St. Martin has plenty of places for small children to play

and lots of pétanque areas for big kids.

With cafés along the water, you can just indulge in the popular sport of lounging

and soaking in the view of the boats on the Canal.

If you want to make it a party, you can rent a boat for a few dozen or hundred of your closest friends.

The dangerous excess weight and labor needed to cut and continuously remove the locks on the bridges made it worth the expense of changing the rails to these.

The new rails have the side benefit of less tourists taking pictures and unobstructed views along the Seine.

For those who can’t imagine life without a car, this ad for 2 parking spaces at $140,000 US may make you ask whether the expense is worth it here.

I can buy lots of gelato for that kind of money, and the Amorino shops make sure it’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate:)


There are a few pleasures in Los Angeles that make living here close to being in Heaven; finding easy parking, eating fabulous food without having to fight for a table, and enjoying a poolside lounge on the shore. What if you could have all three? Would that make Los Angeles the utopia that everyone sees in the movies?

There are many places I don’t even bother going because of the lack of parking, and that goes for events too, especially when there is a sold out event at Staples Center or the Nokia Theater. Park Whiz now has a lot downtown which guarantees you a prime parking spot for $20, and you don’t have to worry about having cash or finding a free spot. You reserve your space online for the date you want, print out the receipt and show up at the structure with your prepaid proof. It is nice to know in advance you have a space and that it is already prepaid; it just makes it so much more enjoyable to attend any event downtown.

Getting good food is easy, but can be pricey and time consuming, especially if you are trying to lose some weight and eat properly. Z.E.N. (Zero Effort Nutrition) is a food delivery service that provides breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner delivered to you for whatever your dietary desires dictate (say that three times fast). You can choose to lose weight, gain weight, avoid certain foods because of allergies, stabilize your blood sugar, or lower your cholesterol. It all costs about $50 a day and they offer discounts for mutiple day packages ranging from 5-90 days. The beauty of this service is that it is tailored for your needs and tastes (is you hate beans, there will not be any in the meals) and they provide fresh and tasty meals that are delivered so you don’t have to fight traffic to get your food. Considering that dinner and lunch out could easily cost $50, this deal not only provides more food (breakfast and a snack), but food that is designed with your body’s needs in mind.

People come to Los Angeles all year around because the weather is so good, after all, where else can you sunbathe on the beach in December? Casa Del Mar is the restored bath house on Santa Monica Beach which is now home to a hotel with a pool. How fitting that locals can now buy pool passes for a year of use (no blackout dates) through Club Casa De Mar. You also get access to the fitness center, 25% discount off spa services, and one night in the Penthouse with breakfast and 2 massages. All this luxury is yours for $2,500 a year, which is less than $7 a day, and you probably spend more than that on your vente soy lattes.

When I was driving my French friends around I realized that I know where to park in the neighborhoods I frequent, but when I traveled outside my “known areas” I was just like any other tourist looking for parking that was convenient but not too pricey.

There is now a website which allows you to find the best spots by the day or by the month at most of the major airports, and some of the major cities across the US called Best Parking. For the cities, you can search by address, cross street, neighborhood or attraction; for the airports, a map shows you the location of each structure and allows you to specify the dates you want to find parking.

If you are addicted to Twitter and have some tweets you would like immortalized in print, check into Tweetbookz which will print and bind your last 200 tweets (one tweet per page) from your twitter account, and yes, you can choose which ones to include or not in your book. All this costs $30 for a hardcover or $20 for a softcover, and takes between 3-5 days depending on the type of cover you want for your book. All covers are full color and all pages are printed on recycled white paper in black. If you want pass out your tweets as a holiday gift, order yours now so you can say, “I wrote this book”.




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