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>Tyler’s Burgers in Palm Springs is my favorite burger stand in Southern California. It is in what used to be a bus stop, so it’s tiny, but centrally located, with a few tables outside (they have misters and umbrellas to combat the heat in the summer), and an old fashioned counter inside. They make their burgers the old fashioned way, with freshly ground meat, hand formed and grilled to order. Those who have only eaten at fast food chains will be shocked by the great difference fresh quality makes in a simple burger. I love their sliders, and for those who are not meat eaters, they make a fantastic tuna sandwich. Don’t forget to order the nice hot, crispy and tender fries on the side.

The Counter serves beef, turkey, grilled chicken breast or veggie burgers with so many varieties of accompaniments that you can make over 300,000 combinations! All their meat burgers are made with meat that is humanely raised without antibiotics or hormones and are fed a vegetarian diet. Want black forest ham or guacamole on your burger? How about a roasted garlic aioli sauce or a peppercorn steak sauce? No problem. How about something exotic like sun dried tomatoes and a caramelized onion marmalade? Enough options yet? We haven’t even discussed cheese, jalapeno jack or herb goat cheese spread? To simplify, you can just order a daily special (currently a red curry salmon) or their classic. I love that they offer my favorite option, bunless (imagine a burger on top of a salad). But since most people like a bun, they offer a regular, whole wheat or English muffin option. One nice side dish here is the option of yam fries, and for those with a sweet tooth, they have all the fountain drinks and milk shakes that go with the classic burger and fries. If you can still eat dessert, finish off your meal with a slice of key lime pie or a decadent caramel and chocolate brownie. If you have kids, they even have a menu for them that includes PB&J or Mac & cheese for the non meat eating little ones.

It’s good to find burgers and fries that do not come out of a freezer, are made to order, and are made with some care and flair. If you are going to eat a burger, go get a good one and enjoy it!




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