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Cartier. The name is an icon, having adorned royalty and celebrities for decades, the pieces on display at the Grand Palais in Paris until February 16, 2014 are breathtaking. The only Cartier piece not shown is Elizabeth Taylor’s 69.42 carat diamond, but with so many other dazzling works of art, it was not missed. I didn’t take notes as I took pictures, so today’s post will be mainly a feast for your eyes:)

Many tiaras and crowns were on a rotating display as you entered the room.

My favorite was the one worn by the Princess of Wales, Diana 🙂

Crowns came in colors too.

There were also necklaces with colored stones and diamonds.

This necklace and matching bracelet was privately commissioned by the Maharajas of Patiala and the value would probably be the budget of a small country today.

Grace Kelly’s jewelry was at the exhibit.

The necklace she wore on the cover of Match magazine

and her engagement ring.

This was Queen Elizabeth’s brooch that she wore on the cover of Time Magazine.

Queen Elizabeth’s brooch was not the only one on display.

There were watches throughout the exhibit and one case had about 40 from various eras.

Sets of earrings and brooches, bracelets, bags, and even binoculars were shown throughout.

The immense perfect stones in some pieces seemed to defy nature.

The exhibit expanded my imagination for what is possible:)




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