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Living in the center of town means that musicians meander beneath my windows when there is a festival, so this year’s European Heritage Festival began when I saw and heard this 🙂

I walked the two blocks to the center of my neighborhood to see all the booths.

 France was of course represented by wine and champagne,

local honey,

 as well as handmade soaps.

 Italy was prominent with masks,

glass jewelry,

glass gifts,

 and of course food.

 Poland had a handcraft stand along with a food stand.

Spain displayed and sold their famous jamon

 at prices befitting the high quality of pork fed only acorns and aged for 2 years.

Most stands had both crafts and food like Romania’s,

 which had a line around the stand for the grilled meats.

Sweden showed off warm clothes.

 Poland displayed their handmade bags.

Belgium sold their waffles and beers.

England had tea and jam,

 and Scotland sold their famous marmalade.

 Musicians roamed the streets all afternoon,

making it a street celebration all day long 🙂

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