I hope everyone enjoyed a delicious meal with those they love this holiday 🙂 Here are the pictures from my three turkey Thanksgiving dinner, made by six of us over the course of two days. Enjoy the feast for your eyes:)


first plate 🙂

Mixed greens salad with Granny Smith Apple Cider vinaigrette & pomegranate seeds

One of 3 cider glazed dry brined turkeys

One bird carved, 2 more to go…

Spiced orange cranberry sauce with star anise

Pecan wood smoked deconstructed ham with pineapple kiwi rye gravy

Russet potato Dauphinoise

green apple, chicken chorizo, parsnip dressing with fresh sage

haricots verts with fried shallots (forgot to take a pic of the shallots)

caramelized cane sugar sweet potatoes with pecans

the line for the feast

lime watermelon sorbet palate cleanser

 organic pumpkin custard profiteroles with maple dipping sauce

 jello bundt

sweet potato meringue pie

salted caramel butter cake

roasted pecan bourbon pie