Seeing photos from friends who were in Santorini made me miss Greek food, so I searched for a place that didn’t require hours of travel (which in Los Angeles could mean going anywhere more than a few blocks away in traffic). Ela Greek Eats was a reasonable distance away and even if there is terrible traffic, you have the option of delivery via Caviar.

This very modest eatery has beautifully simple decor with marble tables, large windows, and a decent amount of parking for a small mini mall at a busy intersection. Many people where getting their orders to go, but I opted to sit and enjoy the hot fresh food there since I snagged one of the primo parking places at lunch time.

When I saw Moussaka for $14 on the menu, it was an automatic choice, and this eggplant, zucchini, and beef classic was redolent in warm spices and savory flavors. Their version was one of the best I’ve eaten outside of Greece, and I highly recommend it, especially if you’ve never tried moussaka before. The portion is very large, so either share it or take your leftovers home for later:)

I’ve never tried chicken exohiko before, for $14, filo is stuffed with celery, mushrooms, chicken, and feta, creating an almost chicken pot pie filling in a crispy wrapping. If you don’t know what to order and don’t like beef or lamb, order this dish! This is a hearty portion, enough for a large appetite or for leftovers to take home.


There was a special cod dish for $17 the day I went. It had a light lemon flavor over beautiful slightly mashed potatoes that I would order again if it is offered as a special. I was very impressed by the freshness of the fish and the light handed cooking of this dish in a fast casual place!

Soutzoukakia, or the lamb meatballs with orzo for $14, is a delicious way to enjoy lamb with comfort food flavors.

The side dishes are worth ordering for $5, whether you choose the cauliflower with capers and anchovy (tastes much better than it may sound),

or the fabulous gigantes beans cooked with celery and carrots in a tomato dill sauce.

The baked falafel gyro for $10 with tzatziki, fresh greens, tomatoes, and red onions was just about the perfect Californian version, using farmer’s market fresh ingredients, and classic preparation, and it is a perfect choice for vegetarians.

All the ingredients are marvelously fresh, well prepared, and brightly seasoned without overpowering any dish. Everything is served in compostable containers and they use compostable utensils and cups, so if you can’t finish a meal, you simply take it home in the same container (with a lid).

The portions are large and the prices are very reasonable, so eat in or order in some Greek food from Ela unless your yearning to make the 30 hour flight to Greece is stronger than your desire to drive in Los Angeles traffic 🙂