I drive past Bread Bar on my way home, so I tried to stop in, but parking in their tiny lot and the surrounding streets was too difficult, so I ended up walking to pick up some bread. The place in El Segundo is basically their main office, so do not expect a bakery or cafe; there is NO WHERE to sit and eat your goodies, so plan on taking your purchase home or eating it in your car. The small selection available on the day I went was three kinds of loaves and about 6 kinds of pastries. I chose the sourdough loaf, an apple turnover, and a pain au chocolat.

 The sourdough loaf was a solid choice, with a very nice crust

 and nicely chewy inside crumb texture.

I was less impressed with the pain au chocolat which was more like bread and chocolate than a true viennoiserie. Kudos for the good quality butter and chocolate.

The apple turnover had nice flakey layers, but very little filling. What there was of the filling was done well, with cinnamon, but more filling to pastry ratio would have made this much better.

I toasted up a slice of the sourdough with some Irish butter and Italian prosciutto to make a delicious snack after my trek, so it was a good day 🙂