Getting lost is one of the best ways to discover places and since I almost never use GPS, I get lost quite regularly since I don’t know the Eastside of Los Angeles very well, having lived on the Westside for decades; the only times I crossed town was to visit friends or to have a daycation in Pasadena. I had printed out a map (yes one of those paper things) but somehow I still made a wrong turn due to construction detour signs, and I ended up in San Gabriel.

Once I drove past this structure, I immediately pulled over and parked. Turns out it is the Grapevine Arbor, and since there was no event going on, it was open to the public!


Beyond the little courtyard at the entrance (with toilets), lies this gate into the garden.

There is a vine covered gazebo

and facilities with water and grills.


An antique wine barrel stands to one side,

while palm trees,

a covered shuffleboard space,

and covered walkways stand on the other side.

Part of the San Gabriel Playhouse can be seen from the arbor park,

but walk around for a full frontal view

with the cooling fountain just next door, to the Grapevine Arbor.

Tiles in the sidewalk commemorate the history,

but a walk around the street gives you a taste of the present charm of the city.