My name is Elaine and I am addicted to kitchen supplies.

I don’t really need more dishes, but my excuse for going to Dish Depot was to buy two “plain white plates” so that when I take pictures of food there is a nice neutral background. It was a valid reason for me to check out the place that is like Ali Baba’s cavern for all things porcelain at fantastic prices. There is a reason restaurants come here to stock up and replenish their supplies. While I was shopping a couple of restaurant owners were loading up their SUV with four CASES of dishes. If you only need a few, they will sell you a small quantity, so just bring cash and a good eye for quality underneath the dust and stacks. This is not Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table, so don’t expect any kind of order or presentation; keep in mind that the prices are why you are here. If you don’t want to rummage, and prefer your porcelain in pristine condition, don’t come here. If you love finding a steal and don’t mind running your purchase through a dishwasher, you will love it here.



They also have new and used kitchen equipment, ranging from professional espresso machines to heavy duty safety gloves. Meander and choose at your leisure, then find the small office and pay for your purchase (cash); Sam will ask how you found them and if you are a first time customer he will offer you a gift 🙂

After my haul of two white 12″ heavy porcelain plates and an Italian bar tool, totaling the princely sum of $6, I drove over to the Americana at Brand. I had heard of this mixed residential and shopping center, but had never been. The fake Eiffel Tower made me smile, and the open layout with a grassy fountain area in the center reminded me of the Grove. They even have a track for a trolley (that wasn’t anywhere to be seen).

Nearly all the major brands have stores here, and Nordstrom’s has an upper level outdoor terrace restaurant/bar where I enjoyed the view below along with some calamari.

 After wandering around the entire complex, the only thing I really wanted to buy was this 🙂