Yelp Elite Members get wonderful perks like free tickets to Absinthe LA!

These are some of the pictures and videos, but it’s a much better experience in person ūüôā

It’s a bawdy (over 18 only), funny, acrobatic, entertaining show where you will not be bored, but not recommended for anyone easily offended!

 You can park in the West Garage ($10-$30) and just go upstairs, or take Lyft and/or the Metro.

 There was a free photo booth where you could sit and send your picture to social media or email.

 While waiting for the doors to open, I sat down for a pic:)

The theater in the round seats about 500 and in the middle of the week for the early show, 400 came.

 That is a guy on top of 7 levels of chairs!

 These guys were my favorite act!

 A couple worked the silks in a beautiful aerial dance.

 Two acrobats and a metal circle rose and swung in a sensual dance.

 This show is only for 18+ because some acts were definitely not for minors (but fun for adults)!

¬†The “Bodyguard” for the MC had a few unexpected talents.

 Talented cast and crew deserved their standing ovation.

A few of the extraordinary performers in action!