It doesn’t seem like I’ve been in France that long, but after two years, coming back to the US was a bit of a culture shock. I’d forgotten how it was to live in a place where stores are open everyday, all day!

 Some places, like churches,


my favorite grocery store,

 and a gym, all looked like they were European (yes, that building is a gym).

 The buildings looked much more modern,

some with gritty character,

others with a more gentrified feel,

 but the huge cars,

parked on top of each other for a rate of about $50 a day,

 big dogs,

 and mounds of garbage, day

 and night, reminded me I wasn’t in Paris anymore.

Rockefeller Center’s ice skating rink,

the esplanade,

and the Christmas tree atop Radio Center Music Hall, all welcomed me back as a tourist in the city where I was born 🙂