Tavernaccia da Bruno is my favorite restaurant in Rome, and my only regret is that I waited until my third day to eat there, because after I ate one meal, I knew I would be coming back everyday. When going to Rome, go to Katie Parla’s Blog Parla Food, for her suggestion and review of this place, I am forever grateful. The medium sized restaurant is a few blocks from the Trastevere Rail Station which has direct service to the airport for only 8 Euros or $9 US, so make this a stop on your way to or from the airport as either your first or last meal in Rome. If you can only eat ONE meal in Rome, come here:)

The space is warm and inviting, and filled with locals during lunchtime. I was the only non Italian speaker every time I went at lunch. Dinner crowds were much more international with virtually every language spoken in the dining room. The wait staff are all warm, friendly, and professional.

I met some fun food loving people at the table next to me from Germany, Heike and Kara, so they let me photograph some of their food, like this tomato bruschetta,

 and this guanciale drizzled with honey.

I can’t decide what my favorite dish was, it’s a tie between this wood oven roasted veal, with the tastiest crunchy skin served alongside garlic roasted potatoes for 13 Euros or $15 US,

or the most tender succulent tripe I’ve ever eaten for 12 Euros or $13 US,

or the moist wood oven roasted suckling pig redolent with rosemary and garlic, 13 Euros or $15 US,

 or the meltingly luscious eggplant parmesan with a crackly crust, 10 Euros or $12 US.

The easier decision is the winner of my favorite in side dishes because after I tasted the chicory with garlic and red pepper, dressed in olive oil and lemon, I ordered it every time with every meal, 5 Euros or $6 US.

The price for a very good quarter liter of wine was only 2 Euros or $2.50 US, which was also the cost of a liter of water, all the main courses ranged from 10-13 Euros or $12-$15 US, and the sides were 5 Euros or $6 US. They have pizza at night if you want a classic Roman version, and an espresso is only 1.5 Euros or $2 US. All my four meals were about 20 Euros or $23 US for a main, side, wine, and water.

The best thing about a neighborhood place like this is that they all welcomed me like family after my first visit, and I made friends with Heike and Kara, who shared two meals with me there. Sharing food with good company is the best part of life, especially in a place where both are excellent.