Romans love to stroll, especially at dusk before dinner and in the evening after dinner. The ritual is part of daily life, much as cruising in cars is in some parts of the US. One of the preferred places to see and be seen is at the Piazza Navona, which used to be a racetrack and still retains both the shape and spectators of olden times in modern ones. There are several cafes lining both sides,

a church,

and the famous Four Rivers Fountain in the center.

Artists show off and sell their work,

musicians perform,

and Romans and tourists mingle as the day winds down.

Another pleasant walk is along the Tiber River,

and if you want to stroll over one of the bridges, choose the one connecting to Isola Tiburina, the island in the middle. It may not be a yellow brick road to Oz, but it will lead you to a wonderful place to get a café or gelato 🙂