The exterior of Pantheon in Rome does little to convey the magnificence inside, even with its stately columns facing the piazza, your eyes are drawn towards the fountain and obelisk in the center, but as you approach, the size and workmanship become more evident.

 The interior is a feat of engineering and art.

The oculus is open, rain or shine and the system of drainage for the rainy days still works to this day.

 The view along the side gives you an idea of its scale.

 Looking out over the center piazza, everything else looks miniaturized.

 The fountain an obelisk in the center is the perfect place to sit

 as you listen to the musicians

and watch the entertaining people in the square.

 If you explore just a few blocks away,

 there is the Temple of Hadrian now the home of a bank,

the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva combines Baroque (elephant), Gothic (interior), Egyptian (obelisk), and pagan (built over the grounds of the Temple of Minerva),

and La Maddelena, a church named after Mary Magdalene 🙂