The Mucem and Fort St. Jean are both connected spaces which house a variety of exhibitions, as well as a garden and several places to eat.

 The bridge allows you to walk from one to the other

 ending on the Mucem end at the outdoor cafe

 with views of the port

and reasonable tariffs for such a splendid location. I found it funny that Pastis was less expensive than a soda or a cappuccino, but it is a local drink whereas the others are not:)

 I got off in front of the church and walked across to the Mucem.

 On the fort side, there is a huge outdoor garden with sculptures,

 sitting areas, and a culinary school cafe open from lunchtime to 6pm.

 I barely fit in this tunnel

 which led out to this view,

 and this view.

 From the vantage point of the fort you could see the entire Vieux Port.

 In case you got lost, there was a model to show you how all the buildings connected.