Since I had an unlimited transit pass, I took the buses that followed the coastline and got off wherever it looked interesting, like at Vallon des Auffes, a small fishing village known for great seafood. The two places I wanted to try were both closed for renovations, but this magnificent monument had fresh flowers commemorating those who had passed in the wars of the Middle East.

Further east along the coastline, there are small beaches and restaurants on the edge of the Mediterranean with spectacular views.

 Portions of the road literally straddle small anses and the sea,

and some brave souls climbed down to sit in solitude, while others kayaked.

You can see the Chateau d’If, which was a prison and the inspirational setting behind the “Count of Monte Cristo”. There are tours by boat from the Vieux Port if you would like to go visit.

I went as far as the Hippodrome and Botanical Garden, because to see the Calanques on the other side, it’s better to go by boat and the weather was not good boating weather.

Going west, there are huge shopping centers, industrial shipyards, and quaint little villages like this,

 with much smaller ports

 than the one in the center of town 🙂