Today’s post will give you an idea of what it’s like wandering around Marseille, so enjoy your stroll 🙂

 I thought it so fitting that a carousel was set up in front of the stock exchange:)

 The original Opera house was destroyed and they rebuilt it.

 Museum Cantini.

 Fountain in front of the Bank of France branch in Marseille.

 Ricard originated in Marseille.

 Churches welcomed sailors into port.

 A former hospital is now a five star hotel.

 Beautiful ironwork balconies.

 No so beautiful buildings also abound.

 Surprising artwork in a tunnel near the mixed media center Friche La Belle de Mai,

and more traditional artwork

 in the Antiquity neighborhood.

 One side of the old port is covered with touristy shops and restaurants.

 Wander a bit away from the port and you will find much more interesting shops and places to eat,

 if you don’t mind climbing stairs. The guys in the picture were moving heavy furniture!

 City Hall is directly behind the port and a picturesque place to sit and relax.

 There are a few wider tree lined streets in the center of town,

 but most streets are so narrow only one person can walk on them at a time,

if cars aren’t parked on the sidewalk all the way down the block!

Sunset means it’s time to get an apéro 🙂