The sweetest gifts are presents from people who know what you enjoy and surprise you with their thoughtfulness. A friend I had not seen in decades found me through this blog and brought me some chocolate treats from Angelina, remembering how much I love chocolate. She brought FOUR desserts for the TWO of us, giving me a very generous allowance for my appetite still being what it used to be in my twenties. I only managed to eat about half of ONE, and because she would not take the rest with her for her flight back to the US, I was left suffering the terrible sacrifice of having to eat the leftovers 🙂

The Negresco, made with meringue, light and dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate icing and dark chocolate shavings.

The Choc African, my favorite, made with African origin chocolate, chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, and chocolate cream.

The interiors  of the Negresco and the Choco African show how light and silky the mousse fillings were.

This summer variation on the classic Mont Blanc added strawberries to the meringue, whipped cream, and signature chestnut cream vermicelli. If you enjoy strawberries and cream, with a slight chestnut flavor, this would be a great choice.

Another friend gave me these chocolates from Mococha as a thank-you gift. Seems everyone knows chocolate is a good way to make me smile.

Mococha brings together very talented chocolatiers, several of whom are MOFs, to one place,

giving them all a showcase for their skills, and giving me a variety of choices to satisfy my chocolate addiction; with all this chocolate, I think I’m set for at least a few days 🙂