Barcelona rivals Paris for the sheer beauty of its buildings.

This is a hotel near Diagonal and Casa Mila

that resembles a castle.

A post office in the Gothic Quarter

whose interior

is as mesmerizing as a museum.

The justice building is less ornate, but still stately.

Everywhere I walked, there were intriguing styles,

sometimes right next to famous landmarks like the Casa Batlló,

or along the Ramblas.

The street lights

and street tiles in the Eixample district, both had rich details.

Now apartments and offices, many buildings are meticulously maintained

and you never know what may be beyond an open door

or behind an ancient window.

Residents are proud of their culture and their language Catalan,

and their rights to use natural substances

even as ingredients in ice cream:)

Some signs are meant for the tourists, but that doesn’t make them any less true!