The best cure for cold weather is a warm place which radiates with the joy of people who enjoy what they do and share that joy with others. Le Resto is a small family owned place with its heart centered on providing a respite for a meal filled with calm and style.

We shared a bottle of Menetou-Salon based on the recommendation of one of the wine connoisseurs, and we were all very surprised and happy with this light red with an earthy terroir that was a smooth companion to our fish and meat dishes.

We were treated to an amuse bouche of a warm shot that was a savory smoky and creamy soup. We stirred the ingredients together then drank, and we all agreed it was a good omen for the meal.

Since my stomach is still recovering from a bad flu, I could not imagine eating more than one course, but of course I was happy to try a bite of everything:) My friends split two appetizers, the first, a pan seared foie gras, came with a delicious sweet and tangy fruity compote decorated with sprigs of color. I was disappointed by the lukewarm foie, barely seared or seasoned. One piece was mushy, while the other one was much firmer. I would not order this dish again even though I am a foie gras fan, but we all fought over the compote as we left some foie on the plate 😦

A much better appetizer was the shrimp with warm avocado and mache. The slightly citrus creamy sauce worked well with the rich avocado and the shrimp.

Our favorite main course was the beef cheek, which was meltingly tender and fully flavored, accompanied by a beautiful assortment of root vegetables.

Two of us ordered the sea bass which came with a black rice risotto and leek confit. The fish was a very thin piece and both of us found our fish slightly overcooked and under seasoned, but we were addicted to the black rice and leek confit. I could easily have made a meal of the side dish and been extremely happy.

We were too full to order dessert, but we received some sweet buttery bites at the end of our meal that ended up being eaten anyway…..

and in addition to the amuse bouche beginning and the sweet bites, we also received a shot of juices as an after dinner digestif,

and a small bucket of candies with our bill 🙂

Le Resto is a warm lovely spot with some fantastic plates, so we would all go back ordering what we loved. Dinner for three with two appetizers, three main courses, a bottle of wine and a tea came to about 100 or about $115 USD, a very reasonable price for the ingredients, care and excellent service. It surprised all of us (in a good way) when the server (one of the owners) gave us kisses goodbye, saying that is how they say goodbye there! She was definitely not a native Parisian:)