Bo Bun Kitchen wins the rare restaurant trifecta of the three G’s; 1) Great food, 2) Good service with smiles, and 3) Generous quality ingredients for the price. Bo Bun is a vermicelli dish served in Paris that includes some meat, vegetables, and is sometimes soup based.

Being a member of the Yelp Elite in Paris has its advantages, one of the best perks is being introduced to new places by people who love to eat out as much as I do. Another nice bonus is being invited to exclusive events to new places I might not have found otherwise.

The evening got off to a fantastic start with champagne as the welcome beverage; I love how champagne is considered an aperitif here as opposed to a specialty drink. The evening was completely sponsored by Bo Bun, so the cost of the marvelous champagne, as well as the entire meal, was borne by the restaurant. I intend to return because everything was so good and also to help “repay” them for their generosity. As you can see from their menu, their prices are extremely reasonable, with everything under $20 USD, even for the full menu for a BoBun, soft drink and dessert.

Some of the decor highlighted the ingredients used in the kitchen, like this Buddha’s hand lemon, pomegranates, ginger, and

kaffir limes.

Simmering pots of vegetables like bok choy and lotus root

cooked alongside the marinated pork belly, which used five spice and other proprietary secret spices.

One of the best sights was the view of the always smiling faces of everyone in the place, even though they were swamped:)

Vegetarians can get a Bo Bun as colorful and tasty as meat lovers.

The little morsels of pork belly were divine, melt in your mouth, lingering aromatic bursts of flavor. The edible flowers added a beautiful unique touch, and the freshness of the vegetables was incredible.

Even the whipped cream salted caramel crumble dessert featured edible flowers, although it was a bit too sweet for me, especially after eating my Bo Bun.

Now that I’ve got a full happy belly, it’s time for a nap 🙂