Summer seems to have finally arrived in Paris this September. All the pleasures of warmer weather can be enjoyed with shops and restaurants open and busy with locals, which is the perfect segue to the Manger Local event last week-end at the Pont Alexandre III.

Manger Local is literally “to eat locally” and in Paris that means the venue was in the center of the city, along the Seine.

There are plenty of green spaces built expressly to provide shelter and beauty while also serving as a habitat for natural pollination.

The event itself was like all things Parisian, small and select, with well known chefs at a center station ready to cook up a meal with produce you bought at the event.

There were artisanal products from juices, to oils and vinegars.

Fresh vegetables galore

and of course bread, along with locally made charcuterie so you could make your own classic ham and baguette sandwich for a picnic with a view of the Seine.

If you didn’t want to picnic or wait for a chef to put a dish together for you, there were three food trucks serving burgers, deli food, and snacks.

There was also the option of a meal on one of the barges or permanent cafes along the Seine.

I opted for a walk to a quieter neighborhood with a view:)