Where am I?

La Défense is the modern business center of Paris and on a clear day, it can be seen from nearly any arrondissement as the cluster of skyscrapers to the northwest of the city. The most well known structure is the Grande Arche, or the Big Arch which is a huge office building and outdoor art object, providing shade and sitting areas (steps) for the thousands  of people who work nearby.

Walkways lined with green plants extend the visual space to the other arch, the one at the end of the Champs-Elysées about three and a half miles away.

The huge open spaces give a feeling of expansiveness, not usually found in dense business city centers.

One classic sculpture in the center accented the fact that this is indeed Paris.



Being in Paris, public parks and sitting areas abound,

along with water

and modern art.


There are huge stores, restaurants, and almost everyone was speaking English (with a French accent). Not many tourists ever come here, but since I’m no longer a tourist, I thought it was time to see what most Parisians consider their office:)