The differences between low tide and high tide is stunning in south western France. The light colored sand is the only part that still shows when it is high tide here.

Small coves with sheltered beaches dot the coastline and you can see how shallow the water is here; during low tide you could literally walk across the cove.

Even though there were signs posted prohibiting oyster fishing, there were people out with pails and shovels scooping up shellfish.

There were also much more legal and professional looking fishing shacks complete with huge nets.

Small harbors with a mix of pleasure and fishing boats line the coast.

During low tide you can see the line in the cliffs where the tide rises

by the same afternoon the tide had risen to the half way point of the cliffs!

Modern self cleaning free toilettes are everywhere, but so high tech with blinking lights that some people couldn’t figure out when they could go in and use the facilities.

This small ferris wheel reminded me of the huge one in Santa Monica

until this sign reminded me I was 5,679 miles away 🙂