I was kidnapped last week 🙂 A friend from overseas rented a car and said simply, “We’re going South.” We drove away from the gray rain and hail in Paris and about 6 hours later we ended up on the southern Atlantic coast of France bordered by forest and beaches. The coastal areas are marked with distinct paths for bikers and walking/running along the coast that stretch out as far as you can see.

This was my first trip the the Atlantic coast of France so I got my feet wet, but decided it was still too chilly to go in further without a wetsuit:)

Fishermen had poles out all along the beaches.

Tiny crabs the size of my thumb peeked out from the sand

a beautiful beached jellyfish unlike any I’ve ever seen.

There was a class of beach surfers, but with no wind, the lesson was more of a lecture.

I had never seen bunkers before, but these huge war time relics stood like elephants

encrusted with black mussels

which clung to them in groups.

One of the ways they cook mussels in the south is they light straw on fire and place the burning straw on top of a platter until the straw is completely burned away and the mussels are “roasted”.

Everyone went in for the messy deliciousness before I could snap a picture without fingers:)

The beauty of being on the beach off season (season here begins in July and goes through August)

is that you may be the only one enjoying the entire beach:)