The skies finally cleared today and it warmed up to 80 F 🙂 All the rain and gray of the last few weeks melted away and I finally ventured outside. There are some very nice houses next to the park with intricate brickwork, enameled tiles, and multiple chimneys (which are now illegal to use).

Having several terraces is a treat when the sun comes out.

Many older mansions have the original architect’s name, and some have a “signature logo” placed at the highest point of the house.

I discovered a path along the park which led to the community Olympic sized pool. Even though it was 80F and teenagers were wearing shorts (with boots), I was content to just walk

through the nearly deserted forest

enjoying the view of vineyards (maintained by horticultural students) a few metro stops from all the office buildings at La Defense.

I’m looking forward to finally wearing some of the clothes I brought from Los Angeles:)