Little Red Riding Hood knew that going into the woods can be dangerous, not because of the wild animals or poisonous plants, but because hunters may mistake you for wild game unless you wear something like a red hooded cape!


My country friend showed us where she forages for mushrooms, trusting us with her secret spot, and knowing that city people without GPS, would never be able to find it again:)


We found a few scraggly chanterelles, but the season was definitely over.

The view had no season.


Signs of spring popped up in surprising patches of color along the way.

The medieval town of Chinon has remained pretty much the same since the Middle Ages.


Even the original pigeon repellant window treatments have remained in place.

About three quarters of the buildings have been restored or maintained to be functioning modern day offices or homes.

But not everyone has the money or desire to deal with restoration

or upkeep on a building from the 12th century. Town ordinances make it impossible to demolish and build a modern replacement, so if you are brave enough, patient enough, and rich enough to try, the prices are very low, but it may take a generation and a royal sum to make it habitable.

Some buildings still have open cellars


and stone wash basins, so keep in mind what “remodel” means here!

The Vienne River is the main waterway here and even though it is a smaller tributary of the Loire, it is still quite wide.



There is a monthly flea market along the banks of the river

selling everything from absolute rubbish to ancient gems like a working spinning wheel!

This area is known for wines based entirely on cabernet franc, and you can buy part of a vineyard for less than a new car, but like the medieval buildings, it’s not the price of the plot, it’s the cost of the maintenance. The side benefit of owning your own vineyard is you get to drink your own wine 🙂

Little ponds full of frogs also dot the landscape.

Some homes along the Vienne have their own private access to the river from their backyard

which makes for a perfect place to enjoy the sunset 🙂