Winter in Paris has been gray, cold, rainy, and (yes I admit it) depressing. The glimpses of blue skies have been far too few and my first cold season after decades in Los Angeles has been challenging. Spring is coming, and like all those living in climates with freezing snow and ice, I am hopeful that one day this season will be a distant memory.

With no rain forecast for the next few days, I ventured out today and took some pictures because I could 🙂 I also acted like a photo obsessed tourist because ever generous @John8600 sent me a 16 GB memory card and I wanted to use it!

A day to celebrate is a day with blue skies:)

Have I already mentioned that I live near a chateau?

The chateau is now a museum, but the old vestiges of having once housed royalty remain, like a moat!

Of course no chateau would ever be built where there isn’t a view of the Seine. Some houses have the same view complete with huge lawns dotted with sculptures (yes, this is a private home).

Not all homes have sculptures, but a nice garden on the edge of the Seine is nice too (another private residence).

Their view probably looks like this.

Modern day bridges and cars now make access much easier.

Old fashioned walkways and bike paths still line the river.

The small uninhabited islands in the middle of the river give an idea of what it was like before auto routes and trains connected neighborhoods.

Although the paint color of choice is usually blue (because of preservation ordinances), a few places are painted other colors.

Instead of the “Braille” freeway markers, there are metal bittes (yes they really are called that and yes, they mean what the definition says) to keep drivers from swerving onto the sidewalk (yes, that narrow space between the building and the road is a sidewalk).

There is no need for me to use a gym here since walking around means climbing stairs

and more stairs

and streets which incline.

At the top of the street there was this cross, or maybe it was a compass, either way, it was pretty.

Even prettier were the buds on the trees

and the small sprouting gardens.

The whole point of my outing was to get some groceries, so time for lunch with champignons de Paris sautéed with shallots and garlic 🙂