I had a food post with pictures planned for today, but I guess my laptop got hungry and ate them because all the pictures I took are nowhere to be found! I’ll just have to go back, eat, and take more pictures later; it will be a good excuse to return to a delightfully fresh place.

In the meantime, today’s post will be pictures of some places I found this week. The sun has been peeking out from the clouds and rain, so I actually ventured outside and walked around a bit:)

Hidden public gardens are sometimes tucked away past a doorway and down steps like this.

Looking back up, you can see how easily you could walk by and never know there was a garden down below street level.

This looks a bit stark in the winter, but the little shoots of green promise lovely flowers coming soon. I’ll come back in the spring and take a picture to show what it looks like covered in blossoms.

Little gems like this are tucked away all over Paris, but you must take your time in order to see the doors that may lead to hidden treasures:)