Walking through the maze of covered passageways in Brussels there are a myriad of treasures to covet, whether it’s a crocodile handbag for over 14,000€ (about $20,000), to more affordable treats which might tempt you with sweetness.

Speculos are cookies that have been made for over 100 years and Maison Dandoy has molds from the tiny to huge if you want to make your own. If you’d rather leave it to professionals, they sell a variety of sizes, flavors and shapes. They use only natural ingredients and a recipe that’s 180 years old, so if you want to taste the authentic version instead of the industrialized supermarket one, try them here.

My friend who introduced me to Pierre Marcolini’s chocolates said her new favorite is Chocolatier Elisabeth, so I went in and got some to taste test.

A small assortment is only 9,40€, or about $15.

Meert is famous for their waffle cookies made with all natural ingredients like vanilla from Madagascar, but their chocolates are also wonderful. My favorite was the honey and dark chocolate which tasted like a caramel infusion without being overly sweet. You can taste their specialties in France,  at one of their international locations, some of which have tea rooms which serve brunch.

One of my favorite chocolatiers is Pierre Marcolini who started in Belgium but now has several locations in France.

His latest line of macarons had me swooning:)