The most popular take out food here is a sandwich, usually ham or chicken on a baguette, but there are some options here that I enjoy so much more! Like going to my local fishmonger and getting a dozen oysters to go for 8ā‚¬-18ā‚¬ depending on the type and size.

You can shuck them yourself, but for a small fee (about 15% more per order), they will do it for you, put the tops back on to preserve the natural juices and pack it to go! I got these for 12ā‚¬65 (about $18 USD) on a bed of seaweed, with lemon!

Add a baguette tradition from Gontran Cherrier and you have a great appetizer/snack/light lunch!

A walk in the park in Autumn is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, especially after rain has cleaned the air and revived the plants. The leaves are beginning to change colors and it’s been decades since I’ve lived anywhere with seasons that change more than 10 degrees. Southern California does change, but the changes are more traffic oriented than weather oriented!

I’m sure these birds were glad I ate oysters before seeing them šŸ™‚

I’ve been attempting to add video to my posts and after several tries, I think this one might be slow and smooth enough not to make anyone motion sick šŸ™‚

This tree reminded me that although it’s Autumn, Winter is approaching and the next photos I take may include something I haven’t seen in years……SNOW!!!!