I’ve never tasted a Nespresso espresso until today, although I’ve seen their ads with George Clooney for years in Paris. My friend has a machine and wanted to buy some “capsules” at their self service store at 29 Rue Tronchet n the 8th Arrondissement. Their larger store on Rue Scribe doesn’t have the high tech scales and sensors and has a line like a train station to get to the vendors. This smaller store was like entering a jewelry store of coffee products. They are in New York, and they are opening in Beverly Hills on Rodeo this year. The Tronchet location is a beautiful store, worth checking out for coffee accessories (they also have a tiny tea accessory space in the store).

Beautiful jewel toned capsules in self service cases which you put into a bag and then place on scales with sensors so that they know how many and which of the 21 flavors you bought as a member of this “club”. My friend and her husband drink maybe 2 day and she bought enough for the month which cost 55 € (about $75 US). To ease the pain of purchase, all members get as many free espressos as they wish at their upstairs coffee bar. I chose the “Roma” a Trinidad bean with chocolate and didn’t particularly care for it, but I did love the shortbread cookie that came with it:)

After our coffee fortification, we wandered to her favorite street, Rue Leopold Belon, just off Rue Montorgueil. This quiet enclave is literally four blocks long between two bustling streets, but is is a world away in attitude.

This fountain seemed to fit more in Egypt than Paris….

Coming to the Seine and seeing the Eiffel Tower, there was no question this was Paris, not Egypt:)

Even though it is September, the weather today was like Summer and so we sat on a terrace and enjoyed the view of life on the Left bank.

I have no idea what this was but it was part of some official building next to Sainte Chappelle and amazingly intricate.

Rue Montorgueil has some excellent food vendors at great prices so if you are staying nearby, this is a wonderful marché with quality fruits, meats, flowers, and restaurants if you don’t want to cook.

Paris has picked up a new American habit; they now have “Happy Hour” between 5-9 pm (people here eat late) and although food is usually not discounted (or even offered), drinks like Mumm Champagne was only 5 € (about $7 US)

Santé 🙂