There’s no “Cronut” here on the West Coast yet, but several places are making a croissant & doughnut hybrid so I decided to try the “Crumbnut” at Crumbs Bakery. Since this bakery originated in New York, I figured they probably had the best chance of making a Cronut facsimile.

There was only one left when I went in at 2pm so I saw that as a good sign, and the Crumbnut itself looked enticing.

Cutting it in half showed all the layers of the croissant like interior. Biting into it I was relieved to find it neither too greasy nor too sweet, but I was dismayed with its slightly salty aftertaste. It’s not supposed to be a savory and sweet pastry like the Kouign Amann. I found this a confusing taste combination because the saltiness did not enhance the flavor as salt does with caramel, instead it detracted from what could have been a good breakfast pastry.

I had to try some of their cupcakes, especially after giving away several party packs with 12 mini cupcakes in assorted flavors for $24 to friends for their birthday. They have “Colossal” cupcakes that truly live up to their name, enough for at least 2 people to share, or the regular sized classic ones that I got this time. The Blackout is chocolate cake filled with fudge mixed with vanilla custard, topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting and chocolate crumbs drizzled with chocolate.

It’s one of their “signature” series with extra frosting in the center. The cake itself was moist, richly chocolate and delightful. I prefer the chocolate ganache of La Provence‘s chocolate cupcakes, but for those who like less densely rich, more creamy frosting, this would be a good choice.

The Going Coconuts, a coconut cake filled and frosted with coconut cream cheese frosting topped with toasted coconut, was my favorite. I remember trying the coconut at Sprinkles, but I hated its dry dense texture. I loved the Crumbs Coconut cupcake; it was perfect!

Just the right amount of vanilla frosting with toasted coconut on a tender moist cake. I might have been able to eat one of the “Colossal” sizes of this one 🙂

Maybe everyone should stick to what they do best. Crumbs makes wonderful cupcakes in flavors ranging from cannoli to s’mores. If I ever go back to NYC I will try the actual Cronut at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery, but I will pass on trying anymore facsimiles.

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