Rita’s is opening today in Redondo Beach and I was invited to a sneak preview yesterday to try out their unusual blending of Italian Ices and frozen custard with mix ingredients. Italian ices were a childhood staple during the Summer in New York City. Italian Ices were as ubiquitous as hot dog and pretzel pushcarts, offering a colorful and refreshing bit of cool when temperatures and humidity climbed past the 80’s.

This small shop located in a mini mall with Whole Foods, has a pleasant patio and a very friendly staff. The sign over the cash register embodies the attitude of this new dessert place:

There are two screens on the wall which show you the options available.

Unlimited toppings means you can literally order all 20+ toppings in ONE Sundae!

They have name brand candy and cookie mix ins.

I usually don’t like custard (aside from creme brulée) and the thought of blending it with Italian ice did not evoke any thought other than “huh?” But their “Misto” was delightful with enough creaminess to satisfy those who like that texture, with enough freshness from the freshly made fruit ice to make it taste like a light milk shake (which they call a “Misto”shake made with frozen custard).

Italian Ice made fresh daily with real fruit.

There is a large assortment of flavors of Italian Ice from the blue cotton candy (the one flavor I thought tasted terrible) to the Alex’s Lemonade made with fresh lemons (wonderfully refreshing).

Yes, of course they have the perennial favorites like chocolate and cherry, as well as the bright yellow “Birthday Cake” which tasted just like yellow cake.


If you need a birthday cake, you can get one to go.

Open from 11am-9pm everyday, this is a new and easy choice for a sweet treat or refreshing break on your way to or from the beach.