I’ve been wanting to try Kiriko Sushi for some time, but as with the Lazy Ox Canteen, it took Dine LA to get me to go. I love neighborhood family run places which feature fresh ingredients and serve them with skill. It was a pleasure to dine here with a packed house of regulars who were all greeted by the chef personally.

The three course Dine LA menu for lunch was $25 for three courses and I chose the albacore sashimi with garlic ponzu sauce and organic greens as my first course. It was delectable. The fish was complimented, not drowned by the ponzu and the tasty salad had a nice savory dressing.

For my second course I chose the “Temaki” hand rolls of spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, blue crab, and eel & avocado rolls. They were all good, but nothing outstanding. I found there was too much mayonnaise in the blue crab roll (why add mayonnaise to blue crab?) and too much sauce in the eel & avocado roll, but I think most diners would like the rolls. I was impressed that for the price they used real blue crab and the quantity of fish to rice was about 50/50. I was also impressed that they make their own ginger and didn’t use a prepared ginger, however I was not impressed with the fact that they did not offer a hand towel before serving me hand rolls.

The dessert of Meyer lemon sorbet was a perfect ending to this very nice meal. There were strips of lemon zest in the sorbet and the shiso leaf added a nice minty zing of aroma.

It always a treat to find a place in my neighborhood that is friendly and serves fresh fare. In this case three “F”s is not a bad thing at all 🙂

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