My name is Elaine and I’m an addict. Ever since Madame Chocolat‘s retail location closed I’ve suffered chocolate withdraws. As anyone who has an addiction knows, when you need your fix, you can’t wait for delivery, and thankfully my source is back in town at DL & Co. in Beverly Hills.
Since DL & Co. opened today, the Halloween decorations befitted the theme. With wandering animated statues, hors d’oeuvres and wine, the opening party was packed with friends, clients, and well wishers.
This peacock is the sentry at the entrance.
Graphics on the wall give the airy open space an edgy urban vibe.
If you love skulls, this shop has everything you could wish for, from candles to plates in your favorite motif.
Not everything in the shop has a skull theme or dark colors; there are also beautiful bright items, like these candles.
For me, the draw was Madame Chocolat’s creations, and she had her signature Louboutin glitter pumps on display (and for sale), along with matching handbags (of course).
I bought one of these chocolate Eiffel towers as a gift. At first the people I bought it for didn’t want to eat it because it was so beautiful, but they did eventually devour it!
If you ever wanted to literally “bite someone’s head off”, you might want to get some chocolate skulls and eat these instead (I bet they taste better). There is the shrunken variety in a trio of color and flavors.
Or the big skull with glittery eyes; I must say these are probably the only skulls I’ve ever seen which did not frighten me 🙂
Other gifts in the shop include exotic diffusers.
Candles and metalwork make for both a centerpiece and an art piece for your home decor.
Besides Madame’s chocolates, my favorite gifts in the store were the Swarovski “apples”.
This black crystal apple epitomized DL& Co…..a beautiful place which sparkles with a twist on classics to entice you to awaken your senses to unusual pleasures.