When someone like Amelia at Lindy & Grundy recommends a place, I make a mental note; people who make good food, know good food. It’s taken me awhile to get to Cook’s County, mainly because I tend to eat during restauranteur hours, i.e., between 3-5pm, and many restaurants are closed (because that’s when staff members eat). One day I was actually awake and coherent during “normal” lunch hours, so I finally got to try the lunch at Cook’s County and now I will gladly set my alarm so that I can be there in time for a meal!

My friend ordered the grass fed beef burger, brioche bun, grilled onion, white cheddar & aïoli ($13) and enjoyed it very much, saying it ranked in the top percentile of burgers in restaurants.

Of course burgers must have fries, and these were great, lightly salted, crisp and succulent.

I ordered the Idaho trout, lentils, marinated beets & cumin yogurt ($19), which was such a wonderful lunch, that I think I am now addicted.

The sautéed pea tendrils, shallot & lemon ($6) were so delicious that I wanted an order to take home after eating the entire plate for lunch. The greens were fresh, lightly dressed, and absolutely divine! If anyone you know does not like vegetables, this dish could convert them to vegetarians!

The chocolate shortcake, seascape strawberries ($8), was a surprise. The shortcake was actually SOFT and moist, not at all dry and hard as the picture suggests (goes to prove you should never judge anything based on appearance)! The strawberries were sweet and luscious, and the whipped cream was the perfect compliment to this dessert.

I can’t wait to come back for dinner one night when I can get to Cook’s County before they close!

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