Many children got wonderful toys this holiday season (including me), but before long the allure of a new toy wears off and the lust for a new one begins. Toyaroo is to toys what Netflix is to movies; you may want to see a movie, but not own it, and now you can rent a toy your children can play with and not own it.

For everyone who is wary of renting a “used” toy, Toyaroo inspects and sanitizes all their toys before shipping them out and they allow you a free 14 day trial before you sign up for their program. You can choose from popular name brands like Baby Einstein, Fisher Price, and Discovery, or select based on age group, or type of toy, e.g. electronic, musical, or award winners.

Different plans and pricing are available depending on how long you want to keep your toy (30 or 60 days) and how many toys you want delivered on your rotation; plans start at $24.99 for four toys every 60 days and for $52.99 you can get eight toys every 30 days. Think of this as free toy recycling, with the added bonus that you aren’t paying to own when your children are only interested in short term rentals. Even if you sign up for the most expensive package, you will still spend about 25% of what it would have cost you to buy 96 name brand toys in a year, and that can save you enough to buy a nice toy for yourself!