I’ve been tweeting with @TheFemmeButcher aka Amelia, since last year when she married Erika, and they started their road trip to Los Angeles. They opened Lindy & Grundy, a butcher shop which offers local, pasteurized, and organic meats.

I felt like the woman in the commercial who chants “Open, open, open” as I awaited their Grand Opening. Having a conscientious butcher shop in Los Angeles with owners who are conscious of their impact on both their customers and their vendors, is a godsend in this age of factory farms and antibiotic laden meats. They make their own bacon, sausages, aged beef, and meals to go like espresso chili and roasted chickens. This is the only place I know of in the city where you can get farm fresh eggs.

I had a rather unusual request from a friend for beef eyeballs. I was just the delivery person, so I have no idea what she is doing with her order, but this was the only shop I knew of who could possibility fulfill that request! Erika said that she wasn’t even trained on how to get this product out of the carcass, but that didn’t stop her from figuring it out and getting the order filled!

For MY meal, I wanted some pork chops and got these beauties, each about an inch thick and absolutely tender.

They also have fresh poultry, so I got some chicken wings and made my own spicy rub to make these the ultimate finger food. For those who want pre-made mixes, they have them for every type of meat and taste in the shop.

My new favorite sausage are the pork kimchee sausages; if you love spicy artisanal food, you will love these!

For a less spicy, but very tasty substitute, try their kielbasa or andouille, which are tied in second place as my favorites.

I went back in last week for lamb, but their delivery had not yet been delivered. I am looking forward to tasting their beef, but by the time I get to their shop, it is always sold out (except for their grinds). In the meantime, I have enjoyed their bacon, sausages, chicken, and pork chops. They will have aged steaks ready this week-end for the holiday, so go and get some for your grill!

Amelia even “gift wrapped” my special order for me!

Call ahead or check their Facebook page if you are looking for something specific. They recently purchased a refrigerated truck, so if you don’t live the in area, they will be delivering soon! When you go in, tell them Elaine with the eyeball order sent you (o) (o)!