Today’s post is for the Parellis and any other pizza aficionado who insists that their pizzas are cooked with a wood fire. Los Angeles has many places, but as any transplanted New Yorker will tell you, quantity does not qualify as a measure of quality. My favorite pizza place in Los Angeles is Antica, in Marina del Rey, but because it is Naples style, the crust is thin, and the toppings are not Americanized, so I tried Pitfire Pizza for my ex-NYer friends and those who want a US pizza, not an Italian one.

My friend Robin loves the Burrata Pie, for $9.95 made with Burrata Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Wild Arugula Caramelized Onion, Hazelnut, and Pesto Drizzle, but when she saw the special artichoke, arugula, fennel, and fennel sausage pizza, she got that instead of her usual. She loved it, but I was less impressed. I liked the toppings, but felt it was too dry to stand alone without any tomato sauce or tomatoes.

I chose the Merguez with spinach & Feta, Huntington Lamb Merguez, Wilted Spinach, Roasted Pepper Harissa, Feta, Red Onion for $9.95 and throughly enjoyed it. The crust was tender and thick enough for American tastes, the toppings were piquant and fresh, and I liked the overall combination.

Everyone has their perfect pizza, and my taste may not be yours. Pit Fire has good quality ingredients, hospitable service, and a casual atmosphere that welcomes families; you could do much worse in Los Angeles.

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