The Grand Cafe Capucines is a beautiful art deco restaurant near the big department stores, the Opera, and the famed Olympia in Paris that is open 24/7; this is a far cry from what you can find in American late night eateries. Their famous towering seafood platters with arrays of oysters, shrimp and mussels are sights to behold, and the menu choices include everything from smoked salmon and roasted lamb to flaming crepes for desert.

Their prices are more than fair with menus for breakfast from 13 Euros ($16) and 25 Euros for Lunch ($30). I had a a dozen oysters for 15 Euros ($20) and a nice light chevre salad for only 11 Euros ($14) with a demi of Chardonnay 26 Euros ($34) for lunch.

And the wonderful thing about this cafe is that when you order a coffee, you get another one free!

This is my go to restaurant on Sunday since many restaurants are closed that day, and anytime between 10pm-8am. It is a joy to eat wonderful classic food in a beautiful atmosphere anytime, but it is especially fun to eat here when most of Paris is sleeping.