Paul is a baker and pastry maker in France has sprouted into a chain reaching from the wealthy arrondissements to busy metro stations; Paul is about as omnipresent in Paris as Starbucks is in the US, but offering bread and pastries instead of coffee. Their breads range from classic baguettes to more substantial whole grain loaves, and their pastries encompass perennial favorites from lemon tarts to mini macarons. I bought two boxes of the 12 pack variety for 12 Euros each ($15) for a dinner party and two boxes back for a friend in Los Angeles; at half the price of La Duree macarons, these are just as delicate and delicious with flavors ranging from lychee and caramel to strawberry and chocolate.

Berthillon is renowned as the best place for ice cream in all of Paris. No, it is not an ice cream parlor (although they do have one Salon de Thé on L’Ile St. Louis), it is a specialty store which has branches all over the city offering the finest ice cream in France. The flavors shown here are a coconut ice cream and a raspberry and lychee sorbet, both sold in packages of 3/4 liter for 15 Euros ($20).

Desserts are always an indulgence, and indulging in the best once in awhile reminds us all why we all work so hard while not indulging 🙂