One of the gifts I received for Valentine’s Day was a box of chocolates from the Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, whose motto is “Courage is the gateway from dream to reality'”. Unfortunately you can not order these for delivery to the US (yet), so you must travel to either Belgium, France, or the UK to taste these jewels.

The presentation in the stores and in the packaging is done in the style of a joallier (jewelry store) and the flavors range from exotic saffron, four spice, mango, and cardamon, to the more accessible Earl Grey tea, black currant, and fleur du sel caramel. The unique specialty ganaches from Madagascar, Brazil, and Venezuela are among my preferred pieces, but my favorite of all was the signature Pierre Marcolini combination of chocolate from Venezuela, Ghana, and Peru.

What better reason is there to travel than to discover (and taste) wonderful new treasures?