Make your reservation for a romantic Valentine’s supper as soon as possible and make your proposal; for $75 per person you can have an intimate tete a tete with a five course dinner at Eva restaurant on Valentine’s Day with someone you love.

If fancy strikes you (or you have been planning and waiting for the perfect opportunity) to propose marriage on this romantic holiday, do your best to ask at an early dinner. Why? Well besides being betrothed, if you are the first one that evening to propose marriage (sorry other proposals don’t count for this promotion), the couple will receive a free supper every Sunday in 2011!

If you are single, then you may want to spend your Valentine’s Day at Barbrix where they will have no cover charge, prix fixe or requirement to come in couple. They will have specials that day, like the Caribbean spiced lobster tail with saffron risotto, with an avocado and mango salsa, and pan seared filet of beef medallions in a red wine roquefort sauce, served with potato, bacon and leek pancakes. You could just order the grilled Artic Char, Wild Boar Sausage or Roasted Quail off the regular menu. Who knows, the other single eating across the room (or next to you) may end up being your Valentine’s Date next year!