In a world where all the famous chefs seem to be men, it is worth remembering that some of the most innovative cuisine comes from women like Susan Feniger, who started a revolution in Los Angeles with Border Grill. She made Mexican food upscale, and with Street, she has brought street food from all over the world to Los Angeles.

This month all lunches at Street are $11, so you will pay street prices for Vietnamese Pulled Pork Sandwich, a slow roasted pork shoulder, seasoned with licorice root, anise, and peppercorn spicy kaffir lime sauce, pickled vegetables, and served with fried plantains (normally $14); or Lebanese Za’atar Chicken wrap, made with oven roasted chicken topped with spicy za’atar, served on toasted lavash, with baba ganouj, marinated tomatoes, olives and cucumber lebni yogurt and harissa eggs (normally $15); Tasutage Fried Chicken, marinated with soy. mirin & sake, crispy fried in rice batter, and served with pickled vegetable slaw and chilled soba noodles (normally $16); or a Korean Rice salad with glazed black cod and fried egg, on chopped lettuce, brown rice, soy bean sprouts, shittake mushrooms, daikon radish, tofu, and sunflower seeds in a spicy sweet sesame dressing (normally $15).

This is a way to travel and taste the world for the price of a mediocre sandwich downtown, and you don’t even need a passport!