L’Epicerie recently opened only a block away from the Culver Plaza Theater, so I went in for lunch. There are a few shelves of culinary goodies in the center of the space, along with a long communal table/bar area that would be very cozy for drinks.

The cafe and take out section is to the right and the restaurant section is the to left as you enter, but since I didn’t know the system, I walked up to the cafe section and placed my order for a grilled vegetable crepe. They handed me a number and told me the seating area was only the small space to the right of the door. If I had known, I would have sat in the restaurant section (which also has a larger menu) for table service.

The grilled vegetable crepe ($10.50)came with a small side of arugula lightly dressed in a vinaigrette.

The inside of the crepe was stuffed with grilled red and yellow peppers, onions, tomatoes, and various earthly mushrooms, including shittakes. I was pleasantly surprised by the filling, which had a nice ratatouille flavor, but I was less impressed with the crepe itself. The crepe was bland and a bit too thin and soft to provide anything other act as a tissue paper holder for the aromatic medley interior.

Since I was off to see a movie, I had no time for coffee or dessert, but perhaps that would be a better food experience here. The breakfast choices of steel cut oatmeal and morning pastries also looked enticing. They do serve wine, so for anyone working in the area (Sony is across the street), this would be a good place to come after work for their 4-6pm Happy Hour.

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