L’Epicerie literally translates to mean a spice market, but in France it is usually a delicatessen which serves up prepared foods as well as raw ingredients that you can put together to make up a casual meal. In Culver City L’Epicerie will mean a market/cafe/tapas bar. For those who are early risers, there will be freshly brewed coffee or organic juices with pastries and tartines (open faced sandwiches). For those who want an afternoon bite there will be crepes and smoothies, and for those looking for a bite after work, they have a menu of Tapas during happy hour for only $4 that includes items like:

Terrine de campagne, Cumberland sauce
Tortilla de papas
Marinated anchovies
Marinated octopus, sundried tomatoes
Ceviche de corvina, cilantro, jalapenos, lemon juice
Farmer market vegetable pickles in champagne vinegar
Pig trotter, red wine vinaigrette
Field mushroom, garlic and parsley, country bread

Of course they will have wines by the glass and bottle as well as prepared meals ready to take home, so this may be a great stopover when you are too tired to cook but want to enjoy a meal that has not been mass produced by a chain market. A little bit of spice can liven up a dish, and a small Epicerie in Culver City can be just the thing to liven up your holiday season.