The same Las Vegas local, Eric, who introduced me to Rumor, also told me that one of his favorite restaurants was Addiction in the hotel. One reason I stayed at Rumor was to have the simple pleasure of having a good restaurant on the property, after all who wants to drive when on vacation?

Vic Vegas (yes, his real name) is the talented chef behind the menu that spans breakfast, lunch, and dinner for this boutique hotel. Vic is known to locals and tourists alike from his Food Network appearances, but those who are lucky enough to taste his meals will remember him with their taste buds.

He does Country Fried Tenderloin Breakfast Sliders ($9), which are 2 Sliders With Fried Egg, Melted American Cheese and Potato Pancake on a Mini Toasted Roll with Country Gravy. Anyone who wants a hearty comforting breakfast with a nod towards Southern sensibilities MUST order this for breakfast; I think the guy who ordered this wanted to drink the gravy! The chef gave me a preview of his new menu which will feature several sliders as bar bites and lunch choices, so if you are a slider fan, this is the place to feed your addiction.

I ordered the “Do the Right Thing” egg white scramble ($9) with Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Green Onion, and Havarti Cheese. It was amazing to taste an egg white scramble that I actually wanted to finish because it had so much flavor. I even loved the potatoes with a perfectly crusted exterior and tender center.

The Meaty Scramble ($10) of Sausage, Bacon, Diced Pork Loin Chop, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onion and Country Gravy is for anyone who loves meat and potatoes. This was so good by itself that the guy who ordered this didn’t even touch the country gravy.

For those who want something lighter for breakfast, there are things like steel cut oatmeal (bruleed with vanilla cream) or seasonal berries with rum yogurt (there is decadence everywhere in Las Vegas, so why not rum in your breakfast yogurt?). Choose your sin. Speaking of sins, this is the bar with Brian, the best bartender in this boutique hotel. I say he is the best because not only did he remember me from my first visit three months ago, but he remembered my drink!

It was Brian who introduced me to Vic Vegas, and giving a foodie a meeting with the chef who made this inspired five spiced tuna with crunchy sirancha is like giving a kid a bike for Christmas. Vic even told me the secret method he used to make the crunchy sirancha and all I will say is that if I told you he might kill me 🙂

My favorite appetizer was the Coconut Shrimp, made with Jumbo Coconut and Cashew Encrusted Prawns Served with Green Onion Potato Puree and a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce. One bite and I had to close my eyes in ecstasy; the jumbo shrimp were delicately cooked and the sauces were a revelation.

I loved the coconut shrimp so much that I ordered them a second time, but got a different (not as good) version with smaller shrimp and a sweeter sauce on a night when Vic was not in the kitchen. I know that having the chef in house everyday is impossible, but the dishes should not be so different (or subpar) that a diner who loves Vic Vegas’ cooking would not want to return without confirming his presence in the kitchen.

Because there were so few guests in the hotel, Vic served up some of his signature dishes to the three guys who had been at the hotel all week, like this Karmal Pork ($32) with a Center Cut Kurobuta Japanese Pork Chop, Caramel Whisky Butter Glaze, Roasted Shallots and Garlic Potato Puree. The potato puree was carb heaven and he added two sticks of his Four Cheese Mac ($6) made with Smoked Gouda, Cheddar, American and Parmesan and deep fried into sticks as a very decadent side.

The Filet_e-Oh ($36) Petite Fillet Mignon Served on a House Garlic Potato Topped with Crispy Potatoes and Port Syrup Drizzle, also served with the decadent Four Cheese Mac. The meat was cooked exactly as ordered and nothing was left on this plate after everyone tried a bite.

Needless to say, no one had room for dessert, and everyone was glad to be staying in the hotel so we could walk to our rooms and start dreaming of our next addictive meal with Chef Vic.

Some addictions are good.