Many things that are cool and fun are secrets to tourists and well guarded by those in the know. When a Las Vegas local introduced me to Rumor at the end of July, I felt as if I was meeting a gorgeous man; I was speechless when I saw this beautiful purple, chrome, and cream property.

This is a small (for Las Vegas) boutique hotel with 150 suites across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel which offers a chic, personalized experience for those who want their vacations void of screaming kids and clanging slot machines. For those with small dogs, they even allow pets to stay with you on the property, with some restrictions and fees.

Since this property is mainly being used right now for special events until they are completely up and running, they ran an internet special to fill the hotel. I signed up as a fan on their facebook page to keep informed about special offers and I got two nights for the price of one during an internet promotion. I paid $120 for two nights in a jacuzzi tub suite, and yes that price was for BOTH nights.

Both the valet parking and front desk check-in was easy and fast because during my stay I was one of only 15 occupied suites. I loved the purple M&M’s on the registration counter (they were strange looking but tasted great), making every detail purple was a nice touch. This is definitely the place for people who love purple and not for anyone who hates that color. They have an unusual policy at check in; guests must sign an agreement not to bring in outside food or drinks and when I said I had bottled water with me, they said, that was fine as long as it wasn’t a case of drinks. It made me wonder if this policy was to prevent Spring breakers from making the suites into quasi dorm rooms.

Since there are only two stories I was given a choice of lower or upper, I chose lower, which included a small patio sitting area as opposed to a balcony for upper units. The soundproofing is not the best, so I heard techno music most of the night (from the pool area) and my neighbor coming and going; if you are a light sleeper, you should bring ear plugs.

Rooms with the jacuzzi bathtubs all have King sized beds.

Rooms with two double beds have a larger living room area.

It is nice to having a sitting area in a hotel room (making all the rooms here suites).

The larger rooms also have a small table and two chairs in addition to the couch.

The jacuzzi tub suite includes a rubber duck! When I tried the jets, they didn’t work and when I told them during room check, they told me the parts had not arrived yet. That should have been communicated to me when I booked or at the very least when I checked in, but since the hotel is still new, hopefully the parts will be installed by the time you book your stay.

All rooms also have a large shower and a VERY high sink. Whoever designed this bathroom must have been very tall; I literally had to tip toe to wash my face since the basin was not set on a lower counter to accommodate the bowl.

The outdoor areas have beautiful spaces around the pool like these showers.

The daybeds which surround the pools are FREE, and they also have private cabanas. The lounge chairs all have convenient side tables for drinks and or food (the bartender will serve you lunch and drinks out by the pool).

There is a nice outdoor seating area with tables around the pool, but there is also this lounge which looks like the perfect place to share with someone special.

The small size and the easy going friendly attitude of everyone from the valet to the security guard makes this a very personal experience, a far cry from the strip hotels with thousands of rooms and hundreds of personnel.

When I checked out my bill was nearly double what my confirmation email stated, and after some calculating and sleuthing, the front desk person figured out that my internet promotion had not been applied and that the resort fee had risen since my reservation. All was rectified with a smile and an apology in about 5 minutes, and that is one of the reasons I will definitely be back. A good hotel is not one which does not make a mistake, a good hotel is one where mistakes are rectified quickly and with a pleasant attitude.

Good rumors are the best kind and this is a good Rumor.