Il Grano has always focused on bringing out the essence of the quality products they use, whether it is the lovely tomatoes they raise, or the fresh fish they cook to perfection with the exquisite skill of a master chef. Culinary training can only teach skills, and as in any profession, skills combined with passion can create masterpieces. Il Grano serves food masterpieces at prices that make it enjoyable to taste different items on the menu several times a week.

They offer Sal’s Lunch for $19.00 which gives you a choice of either the market salad or daily tartar as an appetizer, then either a daily pasta or daily fish as entree, and finally a spun gelato for dessert.

I chose the daily tarter of tuna, served with slices of muticolored roasted beets and a drizzle of parsley oil. The taste was as beautiful and uncluttered as the composition, with the fresh fish flavor the key note in a lightly dressed tartar.

I chose the daily fish of halibut, lightly topped with freshly crushed tomatoes and a confit of onions. The green beans were as perfectly cooked as the fish, just to the point of doneness without being over or underdone; a testament to the expert training and skill of the chef. However, the flavor of the ingredients is the true barometer of a master, and every bite burst with the sweet freshness and light enhancement of someone who loves food enough to know when to allow it to speak and how to support it with complimentary notes.

Il Grano is still a grand experience after more than a decade, and they even have a five course dinner tasting menu for $65 or five course tasting menu for vegetarians for only $49. This may be the place to take someone who says “I don’t like vegetables” and convert them.

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